Why I hate Dr. Sears

Why I hate Dr. Sears

I kind of hate Dr. Sears. You know, the guy who writes all of those baby/child rearing books. I was a Dr. Sears devotee. I did natural childbirth. I had a doula. I breastfed my kids. Co-sleeping. Baby-wearing. All of it. Dr. Sears just said in his books that Lulu was a high need baby. High need babies need more attention. More love. More patience. As parents, we gave Lulu all of that. More breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and babywearing. I wore Lulu in that Ergo non-stop til she was almost 3. I was that lady with the baby carrier. “Don’t worry. This challenging time will pass like the seasons.” It never passed. It got worse. Way worse before it got better. Lulu needed a tonsillectomy,adenoidectomy, and myringotomy/tympanostomy.

So mamas out there, if you sense that something is up with your baby. It may not be just a season. I hope for you that it is.

I don’t really hate Dr. Sears. All of his stuff works sometimes. I wish that Dr. Sears could’ve made my baby feel better with Dr. Sears magic.

By the way, with my second baby, I did the sleep training thing at 8 months. He sleeps all night in his crib from 7pm-7am. Axel is a happy little guy without extreme attachment parenting.

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