Most likely to teach aerobics

Most likely to teach aerobics

I was voted most likely to teach aerobics in college. It was an obvious choice. Most of the other gals were chain smokers. I think I was the only person in my class who knew where the gym even was. Also, I’d been teaching dance since I was 10. I was the person that could watch any music video and teach all the other kids on the playground the choreography the next day at recess. I was co-captain of the dance team in high school.

Here I am. A hundred years later. I am a mommy who teaches aerobics. And Pilates. And dance. What does that say to my daughter? Mommies are bouncy aerobics queens? Someday you too can teach aerobics. I don’t like that.

Sure, I help other women get healthy. I have alot of energy. I can count to 8 over and over.

When I tell her to value intellect over appearance, it seems like an empty lesson coming from me. She’ll get the be cheerful stuff. What more?

My new parenting goal -I want Lulu to be voted “Most Likely to Be a Woman of Substance” or “Most Likely to Run with the Wolves.” “Most Likely to Take Over the World”

Lulu says that there are different ways to be smart.  She says I taught her that. When she grows up, she wants to be a ballerina and a radiologist. She wants to be able to read X-rays of her own feet.

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