The gift bag fiasco

Lulu just celebrated her fifth birthday party. Smallish. Big success considering that Lulu had no tantrums or puking! The whole party I was on high alert for her to fall apart. I’m on high alert for meltdowns like any SPD parent.  I was feeling really good about myself until I overheard one of the parents saying in hushed tones, “I think this paint is toxic.” He was referring to the adorable paint sets I found at the cheap Asian toy store. Mommy triumphs turn to mommy failure. Here is the message I sent out to the attendees.

prop65warningThank you so much for celebrating Lulu’s Birthday with us! I noticed as we were handing out the last gift bag that there was a toxic warning label on the paint set. It is grown-up paint. We love your children and apologize for the oversight. Parental discretion is advised regarding the paint set. Pass the paint set along to your closest enemy. Feel free to come to our home and exchange the paint set for any nontoxic item in our house. In hindsight, perhaps Korean Partee City & Phun Tyme is not the best place to buy party favors. Hope you enjoyed the sushi. FYI-The sushi is nontoxic. It was from Farm Boy. Hope we are still friends! In safety and health.

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