Piss and vinegar. That's my girl!

Piss and vinegar. That’s my girl!

Lulu was supposed to be named Amelia. I used to get my slow, pregnant, cardio stroll on at the Amelia Earhart Park in our neighborhood. When she was born after 36+  hours  of labor, she came out hand first. The husband looks at me and says, “Lulu?” This was no Amelia. Hand first. Ouch.

“Look out world! I’m Lulu!”

piss-and-vinegar-02So 4 and 3/4 Lulu is in pre-school now. The girls on the yard have been playing their version of Mean Girls:The Pre-School Years. They try it out on my Lulu on the yard.

Mean Girls: We don’t like your clothes your mommy picks out for you.

Lulu: I pick out my own clothes.

Mean Girls: Your clothes are ugly.

Lulu: I think they are beautiful. (Lulu exits.)

Love my girl! My sources tell me that the Mean Girls have successfully traumatized several classmates. The Mean Girls also steer clear of Lulu.

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