How to do a simple workout routine and do dishes

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This is a simple workout routine to do while washing dishes.This simple home workout consists of three different exercises.

I do dishes all day long. I do this when I need a quick break or before I wash another sinkful of dishes.

  1. The first one I like to do is 10 calf raises. You want the weight in the balls of the feet. Squeeze the glutes a little bit.
  2. Next, push ups. In relevé. High half-toe. Your body’s angled towards the sink. Hands are wide. Draw the chest towards the sink. Squeeze those glutes. This works the whole body. Especially the arms. Safe if you’re still recovering from having a baby.
  3. Next one. Squats. You’re feet are about hip width apart, parallel . Weight’s gonna come towards the heels. Hold onto your sink. Just sit down like you’re sitting in a chair. And do 30 of these. Work up to it. Start with a set of 10 of each. next round do 20 of each. Last round do 30. You get different body parts going. I’m already getting tired from doing this.

If your kids call for you then you can run off and and deal with them and then come back and do this again.

Like Lulu says, yeah, and the running part will get you exercise, too.

Chores and simple daily workout. Done.

Super special thanks to the amazing Gerardo Escalante for DP and editing.

Please leave any comments or suggestions in the comment section below. Please share if you have any fitness tips or a simple workout routine that works for you.

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