Family Fitness Philosophy – Morgan Walsh, Part 2

Transcript of Morgan Walsh Interview, Part 2

Marita: Did you feel extra pressure to get your body back because because you’re an actress?

Morgan: I did feel extra pressure to get my body back being an actress. Then eventually I just had to let that go because it is what it is. I mean three kids is three kids. So I just want to be healthy and be strong as an example for them. I don’t think I’ll ever be the Hollywood skinny that is out there. I’m gonna do my best to be healthy. For me, I really wanna be a healthy example for my kids. That is important. I do think we live in a culture where where we put ourselves down. Women put themselves down a lot. That is not ok for me anymore. I think I was really critical in my twenties of myself. Now that I’ve had kids, I think I just want to be a loving, healthy example. That’s my advice. To do the best you can and let yourself off the hook.

Marita: Tell me about this article about how it affected how you how you are with your kids?

Morgan: I just read something today. I also say that I’m glad that I have for a while now and tried to do this at home. How anything, any reference I have for a while now and tried to do to a diet that I might be trying and weight I wanna lose, Anything like that. The kids just hear it and they store it in their brain. Especially with mothers. I think it’s true for fathers as well. But this article talked with mothers. for me, that’s just so important. I don’t want my kids just to see me doing it. So they think it’s how we live and that’s how life should be done. Not that it’s something I’m doing on a crash diet or be this way or to fit someone else’s image. I just want to be healthy example.

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